Keady, C., & Floyd, J., 2011, Why ‘Being Together’ lies at the heart of ‘Becoming Sustainable’, Eingana: The Journal of the Victorian Association for Environmental Education, 34(3), 19-21.


Initiating and inspiring the transition to a culture of sustainability is at the core of CERES’ mission. CERES, an inner-urban community environment park in Melbourne, has been actively leading social change since the early 1980s. This is guided by the belief that we, as individuals and as a community, have the power to create healthy, positive and rich lives based on more meaningful connections with ourselves, each other, our communities and the vibrant natural world within which we live (CERES Strategic Plan 2007). In 2011, CERES received funding to initiate a program that would foster the renewal of social wellbeing and connectedness. This led to the development of the pilot course ‘Being Together, Becoming Sustainable’. This article reflects on the design and implementation of the course model with the aim of benefiting sustainability learning in a community context.

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