Expertise on Tap

Everyone’s situation is different, and so too are the unique services we’ll provide to deliver value for you.

Our core competencies all overlap with strategy:  Where are you? Where do you want to go? How will you get there?

These simple questions can run deep. We help you get to the answers quickly and clearly, prepared to implement.  Working with individuals, organisations or across whole industries, the CFAF team draw on the following core competencies to support you getting the answers and implementing them.

  • Commentary: long range analysis of social impacts, industry direction and cross sectoral challenges. The analysis is a ‘broad brush’ view and are designed for a general audience.
  • Capability Development: team training to embed enhanced strategic knowledge and skills, including environmental scanning, advanced planning and anticipation frameworks and strategic thinking.
  • Coaching: personal executive, management and general performance coaching as well as coaching of staff as they implement foresight approaches and tools.
  • Collaboration Facilitation: community engagement; single and multi-team engagements; organisational alignment; multi- stakeholder and disparate stakeholder outcomes; local, state, regional and national issues. The collaboration process targets end goal requirements for broader projects.
  • Community Facilitation: CFAF founders have extensive expertise in working with community groups and multiple stakeholder groups. Facilitation of discussions includes projects we have been engaged to undertake, as well as requests to act as facilitation experts for other initiatives. Our role as independent facilitators both encourages and enables multiple views to be identified, considered and discussed in order to develop a deeper understanding of the community needs or concerns for any proposed development or issue.
  • Connections: with our global connections, we can put you in touch with people with key capabilities from local to global settings for your desired skills, resources, knowledge and research.
  • Consulting: the future of your industry; customised research projects; emerging issues analysis and reporting for strategy evaluation and development.