We’ve been involved with Companies large and small, Government agencies, and NGOs in Pakistan, United States, UK, Sweden, Singapore, Malaysia, New Zealand, Canada, Australia, Thailand and more. And although the places and entities have been different, there is in fact a consistency across all layers and almost all cultures when thinking about ‘Our Future’.

The 3 paths noted above are all that exists for engaging with Future. Typically your world will be a combination of all three layers – you can’t control everything! But you can take a hand in shaping the path you’d prefer to have and in doing so, increase your chances of creating a future that is more agreeable to you.

For the most part and for the majority of people, ‘React to It’ will be both preferred and sufficient. The challenge for everyone is when the future emerging around us becomes too ‘big’, too ‘heavy’ or too ‘complex’. In those cases, it is our ability to cope with change that determines the degree of ‘success’ at Reacting to the Future.

The ‘Manage the Future’ path is one where we are likely to be engaged with what is happening, but only to the extent that we can align ourselves to it. That is the ‘Get on Board the Train’ approach. We cope and go along for the ride, but we may not like the future destination or rate of travel toward it.

‘Create It’. This requires an active, deliberate approach to creating a future you prefer to have. This is where ‘Human Agency’ – our ability to shape our environment and to take action of our own, is at it’s highest. But there’s a risk that despite the increased focus and effort, we may still not get what we want.

So there’s less effort or more effort. There’s a chance to get what you want or a need to follow someone else’s choice which may not be like your preferred view. Ultimately do you have a preference to shape, or to go along?

Our firm view: Explore Potential First and then Decide which way to go. We’re here to help if you need us