Strategic Thinking Development

Where the services CFAF provide are always tailored specific to your needs (Scenario Development, Future Risk Identification, Foresight Capability Training etc) we also offer a select number of core strategy consulting products. These products offer a consistent format and are based on soundly developed methods that can be applied to your unique situation.

  • Horizon Scan: Horizon scans derive from futures desk-top research projects that identify emerging and or significant signals of changing trends. They outline the potential nature of the change and subsequently the likely challenges and opportunities they represent for your organisation’s strategic direction. An essential input to the start of strategy development processes, and to inform ongoing strategic conversations.
  • Strategic Impact Assessment: Our Strategic Impact Assessment is a ‘future focused’ report that assists senior managers to consider a wide array of potential issues and implications within their sectors and beyond. These are ‘top tier’ reports that provide inputs BEFORE decisions are made and aim to add increasing breadth and depth to your consideration of a specific potential future development. Strategic Impact Assessments are most often developed for issues of perceived high organisational risk
  • Issues Brief: An Executive Summary level introduction to, and explanation of a specific issue: what it is, its’ trajectory and broad based implications.
  • Watching Brief: Like an Issues Brief, the Watching Brief is tailored to your organisation with more detailed focus on the likely strategic implications.  Watching Briefs are used as barometers of change in key strategic issues.
  • Keynote Presentations: A speech with supporting slides or documentation on ‘the future of’ a particular topic of focus, tailored to suit the surrounding program of activities.The key note presentations can be used to kick start your Conference, Strategic Planning sessions, Community Engagement programs and much more.
  • Foresight Office/Unit Development: As many organisations expand their awareness of the value in taking a more forward thinking approach to risk, planning and decision making, many are considering developing their own Foresight Unit or Government Foresight Office. If that is what you are considering doing, talk to us about the key steps and challenges to ensure you do it right or to get the support you need via advice or training

If you’d like to find out how these could be used to enhance your strategic thinking, please contact us via this link and we’ll get back to you as quickly as we can