CLA2CLA 2.0:  Transformative Research in Theory and Practice

CLA 2.0 consolidates the latest in scholarly research on layered approaches to transformative change by thinkers and activists from around the world. The authors use CLA to investigate topics such as:

  • The Global Financial Crisis
  • Global governance
  • Ageing and the changing workforce
  • Educational and university futures
  • Climate change
  • Water futures in the Muslim world
  • The alternative futures of China
  • Agricultural policy in Australia
  • The new national narrative in Singapore
  • Terrorism futures

Contributing authors include CfAF’s founding partners Maree Conway and Anita Kelleher, among many others:

Mariya Absar, Marcus Anthony, Brian Bishop, Åse Bjurström, Peter Black, Lauren Breen, Robert Burke, Marcus Bussey, April Chin, Maree Conway, Andrew Curry, Peta Dzidic, Niki Ellis, Gilbert Fan, Nauman Farooqi, Tom Graves, Sabina Head, Jeanne Hoffman, Bai Huifen, Sohail Inayatullah, Anita Kelleher, Patricia Kelly, Noni Kenny, Adrian Kuah, Saliv Bin Larif, Aleta Lederwasch, Ian Lowe, Ivana Milojević, Jane Palmer, Jose Ramos, Yvette Montero Salvatico, Miriam Sannum, Wendy Schultz, Umar Sheraz, Lynda Shevellar, Frank Spencer, Debbie Terranova, Pham Thanh, Joonas Vola, Gautam Wahi, Cate Watson, and Tzu-Ying Wu.

Causal layered analysis can be used not just to deconstruct the future but to reconstruct the future, to create whole-of-worldview and narrative solutions to the complex problems humanity faces. This volume will be useful to theoreticians and practitioners who seek to use the future to change the present.

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