Australasian Futures and Foresight Association


The Australasian Futures and Foresight Association (AFFA) finally finds a place to call home!

After a couple of years of searching for a new home, AFFA finally has one at the CfAF.

AFFA represents Australia’s leading futures and foresight professionals and is the professional side of AusForesight that also led to thecreation of the Asia Pacific Foresight Conferences. It was formed during AusForesight 2006 by foundational members Anita Kelleher, Marcus Barber, Maree Conway, Steve Gould, Barbara Bok, Hugh Pattinson and Chris Stewart.

After much discussion during its formation period, AFFA was considering being housed at the Futures Foundation which unfortunately was placed into receivership, and along with it significant AFFA start up funds and much community goodwill which evaporated. The short lived relationship with the failed Futures Foundation and its primary agent, Charles Brass, could have been the end of AFFA but thankfully, that was not to be.

Delightfully the spark that was AFFA has remained as a well coveted ember and finally it has a well balanced and sound home at CFAF.

Our Values

Since its inception, AFFA has been governed by its core values. They shape the culture and define the character of our association. They guide how we behave and make decisions. What’s important to us?

  • Creating a heritage for future generations
  • Corporate sustainability, social responsibility, ecological stewardship
  • Ingenuity – we constantly search for a better way
  • Ethical practice – care and respect for ourselves, communities and the environment
  • Professional integrity – we follow through on our promises, using discipline, teamwork and integrity to meet our clients’ needs

Our aims

  • A Respected Authoritative Voice…….to be recognised by corporate, government, community organisations, professional associations and the general public as a point of access to expertise in the field.
  • Strong Advocacy for Higher Standards…….to establish and maintain the highest standards of practice and integrity for our dynamic and growing professional community.
  • A Visible Futures Policy Think-tank…….to stimulate debates on emerging issues important to Australia’s future, acting as the profession’s spokesperson and contributing our collective intelligence and foresight to national and international issues.
  • Nationally Representative – Globally Connected…….to raise public awareness of the futures and foresight field throughout Australian states and territories whilst forging strong links with like-minded associations internationally.

Can we help you find a futurist?

AFFA associates are qualified and experienced futures researchers and foresight consultants of good standing in the professional futuring community. With a wealth of expertise gained during many different industry, government and community engagements, we can help you find the right professional for your project. Contact CfAF to discuss your requirements.