Founded in 2012 the Centre for Australian Foresight exists to: 

Provide forward-looking intelligence to support strategic decision-making, policy formulation and community development.

We aim to enable individuals, organisations and communities to develop the capacity to be future ready, to anticipate change locally and globally and to understand the implications of those changes on our choices for action. Our intention is clear – to drive more effective decision making through greater awareness of emerging issues and to help you lower your risk profile.

At the Centre For Australian Foresight (CfAF) we understand that to many people, the world appears to be increasingly complex and fast paced. Our experience shows, however, that organisations and individuals struggling with the ‘rate of change’ share a single common characteristic: their models of decision making are well past their use by dates. With a suite of proven methodologies and tools, ANY organisation or individual can slow down the perceived rate of change and simplify the world around them. To do so requires a willingness to explore both the world around you and your internal processes in ways that sift out the critical issues from the noise of every day life.

For the first time in Australia, an unparalleled depth of expertise across an array of domains is collaborating under the central banner of the Centre For Australian Foresight. The founders of CfAF and our partners offer an extension of strategic capability to any organisation anywhere in Australia.

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